Tuesday, December 16, 2008


New shirt design of mine at GAMA.... chop chop go get one or twelve!


Been a loooong time since I posted so all 5 of you out there that need to catch up here ye go...I had my show (big thanks to all that came out it was fantastic), I got sick, hack, cough, zzzz, it got bitter cold, it snowed, I got the Christmas spirit (rah rah), it snowed some more (I love it!!) now three days till my family and a lively pup come to my dirty butt house. On a work front my show will be up at The Mercy Seat till Feb 4th for all that missed and there are some pieces still availble (I think). I am starting sketches for fall of 2009 for Gama-Go, and their stuff does make a loverly xmas gift.  And Jamie S. Rich and myself got mention at comicbookresources check it out!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Ding dong the day is here!!

Well...almost. Here is the basic poop on my show: First Friday Dec 5th,7-10pm at the fantastic Mercy Seat @ 210 E 16th st. Moxie catering is doing me the pleasure of providing delish foods and there will also be cocktails and conversation a plenty. Be bold and brave the cold!